30 July 2009

Starting wireless LAN

My office now want to use wireless LAN. Because I never try build wireless LAN, so I search for how to setting up wireless LAN, how much it costs, etc. Searching through Google I end up at shopwiki page about Wireless router.

There are a lot of useful information for me so I spend a lot of my time reading those article and browsing product at shopwiki for wireless product. I want to share some information I already know after reading wireless router article on shopwiki.

The first thing that you should know is Wireless Network Requirements. Whether you want to setting up wireless LAN for Home, Home office, Gaming, or for a Laptop users. And remember about the wireless range.
  • When buying a wireless router, remember that actual range will vary depending on where you use it.
  • Walls, pipes and other electronic devices can interfere with your router.
  • One advantage of 802.11a has over all other forms of wireless is that it operates at a much higher frequency (5 MHz) so there is a greatly reduced chance of interference. (Most devices operate at 2.4 MHz.

Another thing that may intrest you is:

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